Crime & Violence Task Force

The Crime & Violence Task Force shall provide information and direction as it pertains to crime and violence within our community. It shall take the lead in addressing crime and violence in our city and provide directives on how the organization can serve in a most effective way to reduce and/or prevent crime and violence.

Chairpersons: Pastor Thomas Shelton  & Pastor Travis Yeargans

Youth & Education Task Force

The Youth/Education Task Force shall keep the organization informed and aware of programs, organizational workshops, seminar and local programs in order to enhance youth’s skills, gifts and talents. This Task Force shall from time to time provide workshops, seminars or institutes to bring about a more informed general membership. The Task Force shall also focus on the welfare of students, parents, faculty, administration and Board of public schools systems.

Chairpersons: Pastor Cassandra Wainright

Health & Wellness Task Force

The Health & Wellness Task Force shall furnish information and direction as it pertains to health and wellness for the community. It shall work in concert with other health care institutions to maintain a channel of communication.

Provide community education, awareness and resources in each of these areas:

  • Childhood obesity
  • Stroke (signs, symptoms, etc.)
  • Diabetes (management, nutrition, exercise, etc.)
  • Health Care insurance

Chairperson: Elder Ruthe Workcuff & Minister Stephanie Moss

Clergy Information Task Force

The Clergy Information Task Force shall serve as an information vehicle for the various issues and personalities which affect member congregations. It shall work with other civic organizations to offer support and spiritual directions.

Chairperson(s): Pastor Cynthia Kivett


Legal Aid/Economic Development Task Force

The Legal Aid/Economic Development Task Force shall focus on issues of both legal and economic development for disadvantaged member congregations and neighborhoods. This Task Force shall work with other local organizations or groups (Legal Aid, Ad Hoc, NAACP, Urban League, etc.) as necessary. The Committee shall strive to have the organization represented in meaningful programs, actions and movements to bring about positive change throughout the community.

Chairperson(s): Pastor Jefferson Edwards


Membership & Marketing Task Force

The role of this Task Force is to advertise, promote and market what the Concerned Clergy Coalition is doing in our community and to increase exposure and opportunities for Member Churches and increase membership efforts for the Coalition.
Chairperson(s):  TBA

Race & Community Relations Task Force

This Task Force will work in partnership with other local organizations to reduce and/or prevent racial disparities that exist in our communities. In collaboration with other organizations that are working toward this same goal, various events will be hosted to address race relations in Kansas City and surrounding areas. This Task Force will also work to build and strengthen relationships within the community among Churches, neighborhoods, schools; other faith-based and/or local organizations to strive for a more unified community.

Chairperson(s): Pastor Michael E. Brooks & Rev. Jodi Mathews


Political Action Task Force

The role of this Task Force will be to lead and coordinate opportunities to increase Voters Registration and/or Voters Participation Drives/Efforts. It will host forums and/or Town Hall meetings for potential candidates/elected officials to share their views with the community in an effort to provide education and awareness around issues that impact residents.

Chairperson(s): TBA


If you have any Questions or would like to join a task force, please submit the form on this page!